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Krohn Racing 18-Hour Race Report

2015 24 Hours of Le Mans
Krohn Team Manages to Carry On Despite Ongoing Setbacks

Le Mans, France (June 14, 2015)...The No. 40 Krohn Racing Ligier JSP2 Judd team has had their work cut out for them during the 83rd running of the 24 Hours of Le Mans at the Circuit de la Sarthe.

After being set back greatly during the 10-hour mark of the twice-around-the-clock enduro with electrical problems, Krohn Racing has managed to soldier on, seeking an important 24-hour race finish for the team with new their Judd-powered Onroak-built Ligier JS P2.

A secondary electrical problem and a few spins due to lack of traction control has kept the talented Krohn Racing crew busy.

TRACY W. KROHN, Krohn Racing Team Owner/Driver, No. 40 Krohn Racing LMP2 Ligier JS P2-Judd:
"We still have electrical gremlins with the car. Right now we don't have traction control. It's hard to get any kind of readings off the telemetry. As a result, when you decide you are going to go ahead and push a little bit and try to get a little bit more out of the lower speed corners, the car rotates and it rotates too much. You can't get power down and if you do it's too much,. If you find yourself. That's kind of where the traction control really helps you. It's not a bad thing to drive without traction control, it's just you forget how much you rely on it. When you put power down, it doesn't cut out on you and control the wheel rate. As a result, I went around a few times these last few stints that I've put together. Other than that, the car is pretty good and the balance is pretty good. The track is good, visibility is good; it's rubbered in. I had some fairly good lap times out there despite the fact we didn't have any traction control. I was mildly surprised how well the car can do without the TC. You just have to remember at the slow speed stuff, it's a real problem. It didn't matter than much at the high speed stuff, it's didn't matter that much in the high speed stuff so I guess I learned something there."

JOÃO BARBOSA,, Driver, No. 40 Krohn Racing LMP2 Ligier JS P2-Judd:
"I drove in the dark to light stint. It was really cloudy and I saw a few drops of rain but fortunately it was not enough to make the track wet. I had a relatively trouble-free stint. I had a gearbox alarm and initially I couldn't shift but then I was able to shift but there was a problem with gearbox inside the car. I tried to bring the car to the end. It's been a very busy race for the crew guys with some issues with the car, especially electronically. If we can just bring the car to the end, it's going to be a great achievement for everyone who is working so hard."

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