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We have now reached the mid-point of the 2012 WEC season with the race at Silverstone in the UK. I'm sure most race fans and racers have been waiting for the re-start of the season. A 2 ½ month break is a long time for most people, but in racing nothing stands still. Even if we don't have race events, we do testing and always try to come up with new ideas that can improve the performance of the team and car.

For Krohn Racing this break has meant a few significant changes. The most visible and exciting change has been that we have switched to Michelin tires on our Krohn Racing Ferrari 458 GTE-Am car. After having been struggling to be able to get a good balance of our Ferrari for the first three races of the season and with several tests, we decided we needed to do something more drastic and fundamental such changing tire supplier. We did a 2-day tire test on the new Michelin tires at Snetterton (UK) at the end of July to try to get ourselves familiar with the new tires. We had a very good and successful test that gave us a more consistent balance of the car.

So this past weekend we had very big hopes of having a good result. We found ourselves struggling a little the first day of practice to find a good balance of the car. We tried all sorts of things and finally found a pretty good balance for the race. We qualified 4th and decided to try pushing the cars in front of us as hard as we could. Both Michele and Tracy did a great job the first hour and a half of just that, but unfortunately Tracy got brutally run into by one of the Audi LMP 1 cars that spun the car off the track and resulted in flat spotted tires and an unscheduled pit stop that brought us a lap down to our class competitors.

I have to say I'm very disappointed in the way some of the LMP/Prototype drivers conduct themselves when they coming up on the slower GT cars. You would expect and hope those guys were qualified for driving such fast and sophisticated cars, but a lot of times I start wondering if that really is the case. If there is a car in front of you, or beside, you can't just run over and or turn in to them. The drivers in the GT cars are on the limit of what that car is capable of with the less power, tire, brakes, downforce, etc. and this is something that the drivers of the bigger faster cars will have to respect and understand. If the GT car is keeping its line it is the responsibility of the faster car to pass clean and safely with out any contact occurring. In the case what happen at Silverstone the Audi driver clearly had no idea where the limits of his car was, since he just changed direction before clearing the front of our Ferrari and pretty much ruined our race. And if they can't see our bright KROHN GREEN Ferrari they have some serious issues!!!

When we got back on track a lap down we had the pace of the leading cars and felt good about the new over-all package we have for the reminder of the season.

Our next event is in Sao Paolo, Brazil in another three weeks. It's going to be very exciting to go to Brazil and race on a very challenging and exciting track I've seen on TV for many years watching the F1 races from there.

But before heading to Brazil I have another race in the Continental Tire series with my Kinetic Motorsports and our Kinetic KIA Infinity Forte Koup at Laguna Seca. This track is famous for it's turn called the "Corkscrew" coming down from the top of the hill. This truly is a very challenging and unique corner that makes it very interesting and exciting racing all the time. We are currently 2nd in the ST Championship with 2 races left on the schedule. I'm the defending Champion from last year and would obviously love to defend my title.

Again, thanks to all you race fans that make it possible and so very exciting for me and the other drivers to do what we love to do the most. DRIVE RACE CARS!!!

Looking forward to see all of you at the races. Until then, be safe and take care of each other!

Sincerely, Nic

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